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My Portfolio | Full Stack MERN Application

By Anshuman Pattnaik / 24 June 2020 at 19:57 UTC

A portfolio site is essential for every software developer to showcase projects and technical skills which demonstrates what you can do based upon your resume, ...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Full Stack Application

By Anshuman Pattnaik / 12 April 2020 at 19:57 UTC

Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is an infectious disease caused by respiratory illness and symptoms like flu, cough, fever, difficulty breathing, on December 31, 2...

HackbotOne - Full Stack Application

By Anshuman Pattnaik / 01 January 2020 at 19:56 UTC

HackbotOne website produce contents from various domains such as Web Hacking, Bug Bounty, Application Development & GameDevelopment....