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Why a portfolio site is essential for a Software developer?
A portfolio site is essential for every software developer to showcase projects and technical skills which demonstrates what you can do based upon your resume, your portfolio will be very much helpful on the job search because the employer can able to see your work and will be easier for them to evaluate your work for the suitable job, nowadays for every software developer is quite essential to maintain a web presence like official GitHub, Twitter account & your website, so that you can reach out developer communities and build a developer network.

Tips to highlight areas on your portfolio
While building your portfolio website a few things you need to focus on
  • Single page application (Don't use templates)
  • Short introduction
  • Top Skills
  • Best projects - (Try not to highlight every single project)
  • Popular blogs - (Top 10/5/3)
  • Contacts

And always it's quite important to know that don't use templates while building your website because the templates are pre-built all you need to do is change the content of the template and the website will be completed and as a software developer, you shouldn't be using templates as it won't highlight your technical expertise to make a website and also some other may use the same template, so always built your website from scratch to make it unique so that it will reflect your creative skills to the outside world and your work will be appreciated by the developer communities.

After building your website when you are planning to mention your projects always remember one thing don't mention every single project on your website which are the projects either in production or in GitHub with a well-maintained version controls that you can mention in your portfolio and always make the website as a single page web application so that it will be easier for the employer to know about yourself quickly.

The same approach I have also followed while building my portfolio site, I have tried to short my introduction, top skills, best projects & my popular blogs, so that it will be easier for everyone to know about myself in a short time.

How I built my portfolio site from scratch?
I have built my site using react.js as a front end, node.js as a back-end, and MongoDB as storage, for better performance I have implemented server-side rendering technique which is a very popular technique for rendering client-side webpage on the server and server will send the complete result to the client, and to bundle the module I have used Webpack which is a module bundler to bundle JavaScript, front-end assets.

I have made the complete development open-source on my GitHub so that it will be helpful for you while building your portfolio website.

So this is the overall explanation of this website, I hope you guys understood as of now that why the portfolio side is essential for the software developer if you find any types of issue in my code then please feel free to raise an issue on GitHub.

Thank you & Happy coding :)