HackbotOne - Full Stack Application HackbotOne - Full Stack Application
HackbotOne website produce contents from various domains such as Web Hacking, Bug Bounty, Application Development & Game Development.

Which type of content you can expect?

Application Development
I will publish contents from both web & mobile platforms for example - (Android, Node.js, MongoDB, Go, Reactjs, React-Native and many more) which are related to application development I’ll try to cover those topics with step-by-step explanation and mostly in this section I'll cover programming.

Game Development
Mostly you can expect contents from Unity3d game engine platform and I'll try to make small video tutorial series with step by step explanation of every component of the game and also if I'll know some new game engine platforms then definitely you can expect write-ups on this website.

Ethical Hacking
In this section mostly you can expect contents from Bug Bounty write-ups, Security Lab Exercises, Penetration testing tools and also as per my research if I'll know about latest exploits then definitely you can expect write-ups with video tutorials on this website.

How it's built?
This is a full-stack web application, it's running react.js as a front-end and Node.js as a backend and it uses MongoDB database for storage. To render the website smoothly, i use Server-side rendering technique which is a very popular technique for rendering client-side web page on the server and server will send the complete result to the client. and then client JavaScript will take control to render the page.

And to bundle the module I use Webpack which is a JavaScript module bundler and it bundles JavaScript, front-end assets like HTML, CSS and images and generates a static asset.

Open Source
It will be quite difficult for me to walk you through step-by-step every line of codes. That's why I made the complete development open-source on my GitHub. So that it will be helpful for beginners and those have an interest in this area to know more about the development of this website.

So this is the overall explanation of 'hackbotone.com' I hope you will like my work if you find any types of issues like on improving codes then please feel free raise an issue on GitHub. So that it will be helpful for me to make the site more robust.

Thank you & Happy coding :)