by Anshuman    May 14, 2019

Deep magic information gathering tool is widely popular for Dmitry and from this tool you can collect much possible information. And this is a command line based tools and in Kali Linux, it’s a part of Information Gathering tool.

It’s demo time

A whois lookup on the domain name of a host.

dmitry -w

As you can able to see from the above screenshot it can able to fetch many important details like Domain Name, Registry Domain ID and etc.

Now let’s export all these details to a text file.

dmitry -wo

As you can see it’s writing output to ‘’ so all the details it exported to a text file, it will be helpful to review it later.

Now let’s find out how many subdomains and email address associated with

dmitry -se

As you can see it can able to fetch 0 subdomains and 3 E-Mail(s) for host

Now let’s scan for ports

dmitry -p

As you can see it can able to scan 150 ports and 0 ports were in the state closed. Only port 80 is open.

Now like the same way you practice other commands and check what other results are you getting.

I hope you guys like this post-bye bye for now.

Happy Hacking :)