Anshuman Pattnaik
Hi there! I am Anshuman Pattnaik creator of the HackbotOne website the idea behind this platform to publish contents from Application Security & Software Development which can be helpful for those who have an interest and passion in these areas. The platform will focus on making contents from various domains like (Application Development, Security Tools, Bug Bounty write-ups, Open-Source projects and many more) and in the past few of my works already got featured in various InfoSec/Developer communities which I have worked on from a past couple of years and shared in this platform and I would like to thank everyone for appreciating my work.


I have been in the software industry for around 8+ years now and have experienced working in Mobile/Web application development during this period I have worked on multiple core technologies like (Android, Python, Django, Node.js, React.js/redux and many more) and built platforms from scratch and made some of my development work open source on my GitHub as a contribution to the developer community and if you want to know more about my background in terms of project work and technology stack then I'll highly encourage you to visit my portfolio website which is a full-stack application I have built using Node.js & React.js. 

I have started pursuing my interest in application security after having a strong background in software development to know more about security vulnerabilities and follow the best coding practices to secure the platforms and to understand more about vulnerability exploitation I am participating in various Bug Bounty programs like (Bugcrowd, HackerOne and many responsible disclosure programs) to get hands-on experience in application security areas. 

And also as a developer, my focus will be on building security automation tools to detect & identify vulnerabilities in a system and contribute the development work as an open-source project to the InfoSec community.

I have an interest and curiosity to do more research in both of these fields and share my experience and knowledge with the InfoSec & Developer community through this platform.

If you want to connect with me then don't forget to follow me on Twitter @anspattnaik