Anshuman Pattnaik

I am the creator of HackbotOne website and my Youtube channel and both of these platforms produce contents from various domains such as Web Hacking, Bug Bounty, Application Development & Game Development. This was my plan from quite a long time to make contents on these domains which will be helpful for those who are beginners and also those who have interest and passion in these areas. And now I have the platform to share my knowledge and experience to the world.

Just to share my background I have around 5+ years of experience in the software industry and worked on many domains both Mobile & Web platforms but I would say it's just the beginning of my career lots more things to learn and explore in this industry and I always love Twitter because whenever I need to find an answer I'll tweet or else I'll search through #hashtags and I'll get my answer because I found Twitter is a platform where we can join to many communities and share ideas and experience.

I love to do bug bounty on my free time and it's quite fun and exciting to hack on a live website and earn some bounty and I would like to thank all of these companies for running Bug Bounty programs because by this I can improve my skills sets in security.

As a hobby, I love to play Playstation 4 games (Watchdog 2 ) is one of my favourite game of all the time and also love to watch Movies & TV shows on Netflix.

Don't forget to follow me on twitter @anspattnaik

Thank you