My Portfolio | Full Stack MERN Application

by Anshuman    June 25, 2020

A portfolio site is essential for every software developer to showcase projects and technical skills which demonstrates what you can do based upon your resume, your portfolio will be very much helpful on the job search because the employer can able to see your work and will be easier for them to evaluate your work for the suitable job, nowadays for every software developer is quite essential to maintain a web presence like official GitHub, Twitter account & your website, so that you can reach out developer communities and build a developer network.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Full Stack Application

by Anshuman    Apr 13, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is an infectious disease caused by respiratory illness and symptoms like flu, cough, fever, difficulty breathing, on December 31, 2019, the first case was recorded in Wuhan, China and later the virus got spread around the world and as of now, around 1 million+ confirmed cases are being recorded since then.


HackbotOne - Full Stack Application

by Anshuman    January 02, 2020

HackbotOne website produce contents from various domains such as Web Hacking, Bug Bounty, Application Development & Game Development.